Monday, October 5, 2015

Awaiting Autumn

This tutorial is my own creation any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental, for personal use only
you must have a working knowledge of psp
please refer to my tag for placement of all elements
enjoy and have fun

Supplies needed
Pay to use scrap kit called
Autumn Breeze
designed by Pink Paradox Productions
you can purchase this kit
at her store

Mask used is
Wsl mask 84
you can download from her blog

Tube of choice
I used the beautiful work of Keith Garvey
you can purchase his work

Plug-in used
Mura Meister-Copies

Font of choice
I used one called
Windy Rain

Lets begin
open a 800 x 600 blank canvas
floodfill with white

open frame 11 from the kit
resize 50% and sharpen
copy and paste as new layer
grab your magic wand
click in the center of the frame
expand by 5
add a new raster layer
open paper 18
copy and paste into selection
move below frame layer
keep selected
open your tube of choice
copy and paste your tube as new layer
make sure this is the top layer
place the face of your tube in the center
selections, invert
hit delete on your keyboard
select none
move below your frame layer
duplicate tube layer
on top copy
adjust-blur-guassian blur 3.00
change blend mode to soft light
on bottom tube
change blend mode to multiply
on the top frame layer
give it a drop shadow
close off your background layer
merge visible
move over to right side of canvas

open your tube of choice
resize if needed
place to your liking
and same drop shadow

make your background layer active
add a new raster layer
select all
open paper 40
copy and paste into selection
select none
apply wsl mask 84
merge group
duplicate and resize 70%
move over to upper right of tag

open element 116
resize 20%
apply Mura Meister copies 
with these settings
move this layer above your mask layer
to the left
open element 118
resize 15%
copy and paste as new layer
apply copies effect again
same settings
place this above blue flowers
line them up
and merge down
duplicate and mirror
move down to right  of tag
resize 90%

Now we are going to add these elements 
to our tag
please refer to my tag for placement
remember to sharpen after resizing
and drop shadow

Element 62 - resize 40% and mirror
Element 108 - resize 40%
Element 59 - resize 30%
Element 11 - resize 30%
Element 81 - resize 30%
Element 1 - resize 15%
Element 107 - resize 50%
Element 63 - resize 30%
Element 94 - resize 40%
Element 66 - resize 30%
Element 159 - resize 40%
Element 144 - resize 30%
rotate left 90
Element 146 - resize 20%
Element 105 - resize 20% and mirror

add your name in a font of choice
add artist copyright

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