Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tag by Kimmy
Scrap kit by Pink Paradox Productions

Click on tag for larger view

This tutorial is my own creation, any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental, for personal use only
you must have a working knowledge of Psp
please refer to my tag for placement of all elements
enjoy and have fun

Supplied Needed
Paid to use scrap kit
Pumpkin Magic
designed by Pink Paradox Productions
you can purchase this kit
at her store

I used two mask
the first one is Becky mask 23
I can not link to this mask
her site is no longer available
Moonbeams and spiderwebs mask 1
you can download Here

Tube of choice
I am using the gorgeous work of
Barbara Jensen
you can purchase her work

Font of choice
I used one called
Blood Lust
you can get it

Lets begin

Open a 800 x 600 blank canvas

add a new raster layer
select all
open paper 4 from the kit
copy and paste into selection
select none
apply becky's mask
merge group
add new layer
select all
open paper 26
copy and paste into selection
select none
apply moonbeams and spiderwebs mask
merge group
move up toward top of the canvas

open your tube of choice
resize if needed
copy and paste as new layer
place in the center of canvas
apply a drop shadow

We will now add these elements
please refer to my tag for placement
remember to sharpen after resizing
and drop shadow

element 99 - resize 60%
element 108 - resize 40%
element 16 - resize 40%
element 103 - resize 50%-mirror
element 111 - resize 60%
duplicate and mirror
element 20 - resize 25%
element 21 - resize 20%
element 58 - resize 30%
element 57 - resize 30%
element 69 - resize 35%
element 42 - resize 30%
element 49 - resize 40%
element 23 - resize 20%
element 163 - resize 35%
element 11 - resize 25%
element 5 - resize 30%

add your name in a font of choice
add artist copyright

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