Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Boo Thang

This tutorial is my own creation, any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental, you must have a working knowledge of psp, please refer to my tag for placement of elements, please enjoy and have fun

Supplies Needed
Paid to use kit called Tricks and Treats
by Whisper In The Wind
you can purchase the kit Here 
Tube is by Graphfreaks
you can purchase the tube Here
Word art was created by me
you can grab it Here 
Font of choice

Lets Begin
First open a 668 x 267 blank canvas
floodfill with black
now open your tube of choice
copy and paste your tube several times
and arrange them like so

once you have them arranged to your liking
merge visible and minimize this for now, we will come back to it later
Open an 800 x 600 blank canvas
open my word art
copy and paste as new layer
selection-select all, float and defloat
add new layer
now open the image we just made with the tubes
copy and paste into selection
lower the opacity to 70
keep selected go to selections-modify
and expand by 6
add a new layer and floodfill color of choice
go to effects-3d effects-inner bevel
apply these settings
move this layer below your original 
word art later, merge visible
add drop shadow
move to the bottom of your canvas

open frame 3 from the kit
resize 70%
copy and paste as new layer
below your word art layer
grab your magic wand and click in center of frame
expand by 4
add new layer and move below frame layer
open paper 7
copy and paste into selection, select none

open your tube
copy and paste as new layer
place to your liking and give it the same drop shadow

We are going to add these elements to the tag
please remember to sharpen after resizing
and give them a drop shadow
element 27- resize 70%
element 82- resize 40%
element 85- resize 30%
element 54- resize 15%
element 79- resize 30%
element 76-resize 30%
element 50- resize 30%
element 49- resize 25%
element 4- resize 25%
element 1- resize 40%
element 51- resize 40%
element 46- resize 40%

add your name in a font of choice
add your artist copy right
resize and save

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