Thursday, September 6, 2018

Hedgehog Harvest

This tutorial is my own creation any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental, for personal use only

you must have a working knowledge of psp

please refer to my tag for placement of elements

enjoy and have fun

Supplies needed
Ptu Scrapkit called:
Hedgehog harvest kit
designed by Laura
Tiny Turtle Designs

This kit is packed full
of beautiful elements and papers
for all your tagging needs
a must have for your collection

You can purchase this kit at:
Tiny Turtle Designs

visit the fan page on

visit her blog

I used a beauty called
golden autumn by
Fiodorova Maria 
you can purchase this tube at
Pics for design

I used mask 108
by Moonbeams and spiderwebs
you can download from their sitw

Penta-Dot and cross

I used template 848
by Millie
Millie's Psp Madness
you can download from her site

I used one called
autumn in November

Lets begin

Open the template
shift and d to duplicate
close the original
unhide your background layer
delete the top credit layer

make layer 1 acitve
selections-select all
float and defloat
open paper 1
copy and paste into selection
add drop shadow
-2 -4 70 10.00

do the same for layer 2
using the same paper

layers 3 and 4 fill with paper 15

layer 5
fill with paper 2

layer 6
fill with paper 10

layer 7
fill with paper 17

layer 8
fill with a color from your tube
apply Penta-Dot and Cross
cross distance-10
cross width-2

layer 9
leave for now we will come back to it

layer 10
fill with paper 17
keep selected
open your tube and mirror it
copy and paste as new layer
place what you want showing in the square
hit delete on your keyboard
duplicate your tube layer
on the top copy
adjust-blur-gaussian blur 
set on 6
change blend mode to screen

close off all layers
except layer 10
and your tube layers
merge visible
rotate slightly to the left

unhide all layers
go back to layer 9
give it the same drop shadow 
we used above

add a new raster layer 
above your background layer
fill with a color from your tube
open your mask and apply
merge group

open your tube
remember to unmirror it
copy and paste as new layer
place to your liking 
and drop shadow

now we will add the elements
please refer to my tag for placement
and remember to drop shadow

element 100-resize 40%
mirror and duplicate
element 78-resize 60%
element 106-resize 30%
duplicate and resize duplicate 80%
element 19-resize 50%
rotate right 19
element 12-resize 50%
rotate left 19
element 109-resize 60%
element 120-resize 30%
element 36-resize 30%
element 44-resize 30%
element 5-resize 50%
element 7-resize 20%
element 74-resize 40%
element 96-resize 15%
element 112-resize 30%
duplicate and resize duplicate 70%
element 101-resize 25%

add your artist copyright
add your name
delete the white background
merge visible

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