Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Toes In The Sand

PTU Tutorial

This tutorial is my own creation any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental, for personal use only

you must have a working knowledge of psp

please refer to my tag for placement of elements

enjoy and have fun

Supplies needed
Ptu scrapkit called
Toes In The Sand
designed by Brenda
All Dolled Up
this kit contains 147 elements and 25 papers
for all your long strolls on the beach
a must have for your collection

You can purchase this kit
at any of these 5 stores

You can visit 
All Dolled Up fan page

I used a beauty from VeryMany
you can purchase from her store

I used Mask54
from Millie at
Millie's Psp Madness
you can download from her site

I used one called
Al Sandra

Lets begin

open a 615 x 615 canvas
fill with white

add a new raster layer
select all
open paper 25
copy and paste into selection

open your mask
apply and merge group
selection-select all
open element 35 from the kit
copy and paste as new layer
place at the bottom of your mask
hit delete on your keyboard

open your tube of choice
copy and paste as new layer
as your top layer
drop shadow
-2 -4 70 10.00
now grab your eraser tool
settings as follows
Fuzz Soft
size 74
step 5
Density 100
lightly erase around the legs
and any clothing
so that it looks as if she is wading in the water

now we are going to add the elements
please refer to my tag for placement
remember to drop shadow
I use the same drop shadow as I used on my tube

element 25-resize 80%
element 48-resize 70%
element 30-resize 35%
element 47-resize 30%
element 77-resize 25%
element 76-resize 20%
element 62-resize 20%
element 37-resize 40%
element 26-resize 17%
element 17-resize 16%
element 132-resize 15%
element 138-resize 15%
element 140-resize 18%
element 87-resize 15%
element 89-resize 30%
element 49-resize 20%
element 32-resize 40%
element 46-resize 20%
element 15-resize 18%
element 4-no resize

add your artist copyright
add your name
delete white background
merge visible

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