Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On Duty

This tutorial is my own creation, any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.  You must have a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro, I create using psp 8, any version will work, please refer to my tag for placement of elements, I would love to see any results using my tutorials feel free to email them to me and I will proudly display them on my blog, thanks, enjoy and have fun.

Supplies Needed
Ptu Kit called Lifeguard by:
Sophisticated Simone
You can purchase the kit at:
Pics For Design HERE
Thank you Simone for another great kit
Vix Big Mask 005
you can download from her blog HERE
Artist of your choice
I am using the oh so cute work of:
Rion Vernon aka Pinuptoons
you can purchase his work at:
Creative Design Outlet HERE
font of choice

Lets begin

open a 800x600 blank canvas

open element 5 from the kit
resize 120 percent and sharpen
copy and paste as new layer
place in center of canvas
grab your magic wand
click inside and expand by 4
open element 13
copy and paste as new layer
place to your liking
go to selections-invert and hit delete on your keyboard
select none
move this layer below element 5 layer

Make your background layer active
add a new layer and select all
open paper 6 from the kit
copy and paste into selection
select none
apply vix big mask 05
merge group
resize 80 percent and flip
move it up toward the top of your canvas

open element 12 from the kit
resize 80 percent
copy and paste as new layer
at the bottom of canvas
duplicate and mirror
drop shadow -2,-4,70,10.00

open element 34 from the kit
resize 70 percent
copy and paste as new layer
place and drop shadow

open your tube of choice
resize if needed
copy and paste as new layer
place to your liking and drop shadow

Now add the rest of the elements
please see my tag for placement
remember to sharpen any elements that you resize and give them a drop shadow

Element 29- resize 70 percent
Element 22- resize 75 percent
Element 8- resize 75 percent
Element 1- resize 50 percent
Element 2- resize 80 percent
Element 41- resize 50 percent
lower opacity to 80
Element 7- resize 60 percent
Element 36- resize 30 percent
Element 35- resize 30 percent
Element 11- resize 60 percent
Element 4- resize 40 percent
Element 43- resize 30 percent

Add your name in a font of choice
add your artist copyright
resize and save

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