Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cowboy...take me away

  This tutorial is my own creation, any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. You must have a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro, I create using psp 8, any version will work, please refer to my tag for placement of elements, I would love to see any results using my tutorials feel free to email them to me and I will proudly display them on my blog, thanks, enjoy and have fun

Supplies Needed
Ptu Kit called It's a country thang
designed by Whisper In The Wind
You can purchase this kit at the following stores
Pics For Design HERE
Scraps N Company HERE
Spazz HERE
Thank you Robyne for a beautiful kit to work with
Mask is by Zuzzanna
we are using mask 78
you can download from her site HERE
Tube of choice
I am using the gorgeous work of Zlata_M
these were purchased from
The Psp Project HERE
font of choice
I used The dead saloon HERE

Lets begin
Open a 800x 650 blank canvas

open frame 4 from the kit
resize 70 percent and sharpen
copy and paste as new layer
place in center of canvas

grab your magic wand
tolerence and feather both set on 0
click inside your frame
expand by 5
add a new raster layer
move below your fame layer
open paper 1 from the kit
copy and paste into selection
select none
on top frame layer give it a drop shadow

open your tube or tubes of choice
copy and paste as new layer
place to your liking
and give it the same drop shadow

make your background layer active
add a new raster layer
selection-select all
open paper 4 from the kit
copy and paste into selection
select none
open Zuzzanna mask
apply mask and merge group

Here are the elements I used for my tag
please refer to my tag for placement
remember to sharpen them after resizing
and give them a drop shadow

Element 77- resize 60%
Element 73-resize 60%
Element 85- resize 50%
Element 84-resize 40%
Element 54- resize 35%
Element 3-resize 40%
Element 25- resize 60%
Element 22- resize 35%
Element 103-resize 40%
Element 100- resize 40%
Element 27-resize 30%
Element 29-resize 50%
Elemetn 36-resize 50%

choose a font, I used one called The dead saloon
add the phrase "cowboy take me away"
add your name
add your artist copyright
resize and save

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