Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gone Fishing
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This tutorial is my own creation, any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.  You must have a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro, I create using psp 8, any version will work, please refer to my tag for placement of elements, I would love to see any results using my tutorials feel free to email them to me and I will proudly display them on my blog, thanks, enjoy and have fun.
Supplies Needed
Ptu kit called Let's go fishing
by Sophisticated Simone
You can purchase the kit HERE
Mask is by Millie's Psp Madness
we are using Mask 34
you can download from her blog HERE
Plug-in needed
Flaming Pear-Flood
Artist of choice, I used the adorable
work of Rion Vernon aka Pinuptoons
You can purchase his work
at Creative Design Outlet HERE
Font of choice
I used Smile Parade HERE
Lets Begin
Open a 800x600 blank canvas
Open Frame 1 from the kit
resize 83 percent
copy and paste as new layer
grab your magic wand, feather and tolerance set on 0
click inside your frame and expand by 4
add a new raster layer and move below your frame layer
open paper 5 from the kit
copy and paste into selection
keep selected
go to flaming pear flood add  these settings
click on image to make larger
rename this layer water 1
duplicate this layer
and go back to flood
all you need to do is click on the little green wave at the bottom once time
click ok
rename this layer water 2
duplicate and add flood again
again just click the green wave and click ok
you need to do this two more times
so that you have a total of 5 water layers
and make sure to rename them from top to bottom water 5 thru water 1
open your main tube
resize if needed, I resized mine 90 percent
copy and paste as new layer
place to your liking and give it a drop shadow
-2,-4,70, 10.00
Here are the elements I used
refer to my tag for placement
element 14-resize 85 percent
element 9-no resize needed
element 12-resize 90 percent
element 29-resize 80 percent
element 30-resize 60 percent
element 35-resize 65 percent
element 15-resize 60 percent
element 19-no resize needed
element 23-resize 50 percent
element 21-resize 70 percent
element 22-no resize needed
element 13-resize 60 percent
element 16-resize 50 percent
Once you have all your elements
to where you like them give them all a drop shadow
now make your white background layer active
add a new raster layer and select all
open paper 15 from the kit
copy and paste into selection
open mask and apply
remember to merge group
select none
duplicate and merge down
now move up slightly toward top of your canvas
add your name in a font of choice
add your artist copyright
 now you can save your tag now or go on to animate
First we are going to delete the bottom white background layer
in your layer palette close off
water 2 thru water 5 layers
make your water 1 layer active
go to edit-copy merged
open animation shop
and paste as new animation
go back to psp
close off water 1 layer
unhide water 2 layer
go to edit-copy merged
in animation shop paste after current frame
go back to psp and close off water 2 layer
unhide water 3 layer
continue to do this until you have all
5 water layers pasted into animation
you will have 5 frames of animation
still in animation shop
click on the first frame
go to edit-select all
animation-frame properties
set the number to 25 and click ok
view your animation
now save as a GIF
hope you had fun
please feel free to email any of your results
I would love to see them'


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